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turkeyYes we are a little late with this episode of the podcast, but the thanksgiving Table For Ate is worth the wait. Well it could also be a Turkey and as we all know they are a garbage bird.

And let’s not get started on sides… stuffing get stuffed… yams and marshmallows be damned. Beware the flavor injector. Pinterest is taking drinking during the holidays to the next level.

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5 Comments on “Thanksgiving”

  1. I find Thanksgiving a waste of time. All the hours of shopping, preparation, and cooking…and the end result is never that fantastic. If you must eat Thanksgiving food, you can take the whole family to Golden Corral. They do it all for you, and you can eat as much as you want. They even clear away the plates. It might cost you $20 or per person, but it’s invaluable in time and stress savings. At Christmas you’re on your own, though. Golden Corral is closed. Jack in the Box is always open. Always.

    Also, I get the overwhelming sensation that this episode was in the can (and we all know how painful that can be) and somebody forgot to upload it in time for Thanksgiving. How correct am I, and what do I win?

  2. You know, I think you are dead on about turkey. Growing up, we always had a turkey, but we also always had a ham. There was always plenty of turkey leftover after the meal, but rarely any ham. I remember once suggesting we make two hams and not have a turkey, and I thought my mother was going to have a seizure. It’s just an expected table decoration much more than a food, in my opinion.

    But, I did always enjoy the post-meal sandwich made from a homemade yeast roll stuffed with leftover turkey and slice of the jellied cranberry sauce.

    1. Loud and clear. Next year, fake turkey, real ham. I always felt if anyone could do a worthwhile Thanksgiving dinner it would be someone from the south. Can I get a rundown of the sides?

      1. My family’s traditional Thanksgiving sides include:

        Savory sweet potato casserole, made with bacon and cheese: No sugar or marshmallows
        Broccoli or green bean casserole, or both, depending upon which vegetable the garden produced the most of that year and was still in the freezer
        Mashed potatoes
        Cornbread dressing
        Giblet gravy, made wth the real giblets of the real turkey likely killed by my dad the weekend before
        Homemade rolls
        The jellied cranberry sauce
        Pecan pie
        Pumpkin Pie

  3. About Canada and Black Friday, it’s a relatively new phenomenon here. The general idea is that 90% of the population lives by the US border, so we’ll go across on Black Friday to shop for deals. Canadian retailers decided to start doing Black Friday deals to keep us Canadians in Canada. It’s worked out well for them since our dollar has tanked recently, and also the deals aren’t nearly as good as the US.

    I think part of the reason why Thanksgiving doesn’t work as well for you guys is because the timing is terrible relative to other holidays. A month before Christmas, and on a Thursday? Come on. Us Canadians do this better – second Monday in October, giving you breathing space between family events and big meals.

    Enjoy the show immensely and congrats Brian and Jameson.

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