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1New podcast, people. And by popular demand this food podcast is going back to it’s roots and is going to be talking food. Look it’s not the first question we ask, perhaps it should have been, but what the hell is a taco? We’ll answer it on todays episode of Table for Ate.

Fast food tacos, check. Homemade tacos, check. The real deal authentic tacos, of course. Hipster tacos, Griff has you covered. Bad tacos, do they exist.

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6 Comments on “Tacos”

  1. Best tacos I’ve had were in downtown Cancun back in 1998, where we paid $10 for all-you-can-eat tacos including all-you-can-drink Dos Equis. I’m a big guy (but not Grammar Nazi big) and when I’m offered unlimited food and alcohol I take it as a personal challenge. Two hours later, with the bottles and plates piled up all around us, I could see the regret and sadness in the owner’s face when he brought the bill over. A $50 tip seemed the right thing to do, I’ve never seen anyone so grateful.

    Nandos has been around in the UK for more than 20 years, but I’m not a fan of it. It’s just a super-expensive version of KFC but with real plates, knives and forks. It’s exploded in Australia in the last couple of years, there are now a dozen outlets within a 15 minute drive of where I live. None near Tony, I imagine, but honestly that’s no great loss.

    Their sauce is pretty good, true. Fortunately that’s available in supermarkets, so there’s no reason for me to pay $25+ per person for very ordinary chicken and chips served by a moody teenager.

  2. All Mexican food is exactly the same thing. It’s just a matter of shapes. It’s like a Tim Allen sitcom. No matter what form it comes it, it’s always the same thing. You ingest it and you’re throwing up half an hour later.

  3. You could do an episode on stoner/drunk food alone. I know a certain fast-food chain that sells these stoner boxes of weird foods. They cater to the after-9pm crowd. In fact, if you buy the box before 9 pm, it’s $8. After 9, it’s $6. They all come with a mix of curly fries and regular fries, two tacos, a drink, and an entree. One entree is a croissant with fried chicken, ranch, dressing, bacon, and a weird creamy white cheese on it. Sound delicious? WRONG. There’s also a stacked grilled cheeseburger. It’s made with three pieces of sourdough bread. On the bottom layer, there’s a hamburger patty, with ranch dressing of course, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. The top layer, separated by sourdough bread (because we aren’t savages, after all) is a grilled cheese sammich with melted cheese. It’s the worst food in the world, and served at the worst time to consume food. I take no pride in what I do. We sell garbage that poisons people and I hate my life.

  4. Top 5 Los Angeles Taco Notes
    1. In Los Angeles you are always easy walking distance to a taco from any point in the city. That’s an untested theory my brother has.
    2. Try Tito’s tacos people have been lining up daily for their tacos and burritos for decades. It is not the best it is not authentic but really delicious and inexpensive. It’s the kind of place you go straight to coming from the airport.
    3. Try the Fusion Tacos like Roy Choi’s Korean bbq Kogi trucks, Blue Plate Oysterette’s seared albacore or lobster tacos or Guisado’s authentic Mexican braises on handmade tortillas like their Chicharron or veggie tacos like Calabacitas, Hongos con cilantro or the spiciest taco I ever had the Chiles Toreados – Habanero, serrano, jalapeno, and thai chiles blistered together over high heat served on top black beans.
    4. Fish Tacos – avoid the chain stores and hit one of authentic Baja style places there are too many to list but LA Weekly has a pretty good list.
    5. My best taco memory in Los Angeles was at a tiny taco stand that was a front for a bookie operation they would cut the juiciest ¼ lb burger covered in cheese in half then put that half-moon in a house fried shell then add the usual taco toppings so you would get meat in every bite. Sadly they are shut down now.

    Check out this Chefs night out with the guys from Guisados https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj8_BiZMeLE
    The Brothers Green have a pretty good taco bell copy cat menu on youtube

  5. 1. In Los Angeles you are always easy walking distance to a taco from any point in the city. That’s an untested theory my brother has.:

    impossible to prove……. no one walks in LA

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