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SteakYou’ve got to love it, right? Maybe not if you’re a vegetarian, but none of the three panelists are, so take a listen to the latest episode of Table for Ate. By the way the best thing you ate this week segment should just be renamed Tony’s going to make you mad.

It’s time to get technical, just how do you cook your steak? What is your go to cut? To sauce or not to sauce? These are just some of the questions we ask about the king of meats, the steak. Each panelist talks about their greatest steak dinner, can you believe it but two of the hosts have the same answer.

The quiz is 100% prime angus beef that you can only get at the sharper image, that is to say it is the Donald Trumps of quizzes. And for once what we found on pinterest is something everyone on the panel wants to try, even if it’s just once.

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4 Comments on “Steak”

  1. I never had a real steak until I was in my mid 20’s. When I was a kid we ate steak, but it was a shitty shoulder cut and then my mom would over cook the shit out of it. It was like eating a deflated football. Due to being deprived of good steak for so long, I am pretty particular when it comes to cuts and cooking it.

    Christmas last year and my mother in law asks me to grill up the steaks for everyone. She bought a whole beef tenderloin since there was about 12 of us. I cut them up, season with some S&P and hit cook them on the grill to a perfect medium rare. They way steak is supposed to be eaten. Everyone starts cutting into there steaks and I can tell something is wrong with most of the crowd. Outside of my wife, myself and my in laws, everyone thinks the steaks are raw and want them to be cooked longer. Ok, no problem, grill is still going I can let them sit another minute or so. Nope they want well done. No pink or red. I looked at my wife to make sure they weren’t joking, they weren’t. I gathered up 8 fillets and put them back on the grill and I over cooked the shit out of them. They were like hockey pucks. I was disgusted and pissed with myself for doing this to perfectly good steak. I brought the ruined meat back to the table and everyone was happy, except me. Then her cousin has the balls to ask for fucking ketchup. I wanted to stab everyone. I told my wife I would never cook/grill anything again for her side of the family. Fucking animals.

    1. I’ve had the EXACT same experience. The awkward looks around the table where everyone is hoping someone else speaks up. I remember once ordering a burger medium rare and one of my former sisters in law almost diving across the table to keep me from eating it when she saw the red middle. So I had to get a divorce, you understand.

  2. Yes, they are from St. Louis. All St. Louis cuisine is, is taking a good food and fucking it up to call their own. I was also told the Italian food in STL is better than anywhere in the northeast. Just typing this makes me want to break things.

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