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After a long hiatus Table for Ate’s most popular product returns. It’s a Griff and Tony special. We are sure it hasn’t been worth the wait.

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2 Comments on “Sidebar Return”

  1. Good to see a new episode. Even though I am not into craft beer at all, I enjoyed listening to the episode with Griff and Tony.

  2. I thought Griff was going to go into full Jon Taffer mode when he started talking about fruit flies!

    Worst beer for me is undoubtedly any lager from Manchester brewery JW Lees — In the UK pubs are typically owned by a brewery and can only serve their beers. Where I lived, at least one in three pubs was a JW Lees house and, as a teenager in the 80s, my tipple of choice was (sadly) lager. I don’t know how they managed it but wherever I went it tasted just like malt vinegar and they must’ve known there was an issue because they re-branded it every year, without any discernible improvement — they even resorted to selling cans of Colt 45 and Breaker because they realised nobody liked their lager. As I’ve grown older, I’ve switched to JW Lees bitter which is a tremendous session beer, especially if you’re lucky enough find the cask version. Check them out on ratebeer, it’s good stuff.

    I fully agree that, in Australia, anything manufactured by Hahn or CUB is utter garbage. Fit for drinking when you’re mowing the lawn on a hot day, at best.

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