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Custom (10)This is almost a lost episode of the extremely popular red headed step child of Table for Ate. Yes that’s right, pucker up it’s time for a side bar.

It’s the trendiest in craft beer, but are the men of the Side bar a fan of these beers? And when do you sour a sour?

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2 Comments on “Side bar – Sour”

  1. Sour beer, to me, is an amusing distraction during a “Leo Sayer” when I feel the need for a fruity break from bitter/mild/lager/ale/stout; it’s the sorbet of all day drinking. A cheeky kriek or framboise refreshes the palate.

    If you’re ever misfortunate enough to find yourself in Brussels, Belgium — one of the most boring places on Earth — then visiting the Cantillon brewery is a must. Moules-frites, fruity beer then get the hell out of Dodge.

    In Australia, I can recommend the Cherry Harvest Sour made by Hargreaves Hill brewery in Yarra Glen, Victoria.

    @Tony. Next time you find yourself in the Metropolis, get yourself to the Great Northern Hotel in Carlton. 22 taps, including some gems from the USA and Europe.

  2. Great show guys! I am loving the beer talk! I’m new to the sour beer trend and have loved what I’ve tried so far. I was at the Three Floyds Brewpub and had a sour there. It was amazing! After that I went out and bought as many sours as I could find.

    So far I’ve had these:
    FFF Icelandic Pants of the Dead
    Cascade Sang Noir
    New Belgium La Folie Sour Brown Ale

    I have these in the fridge ready to try:
    Allagash Confluence
    Goose Island Halia
    Boulevard Love Child No. 7

    Griff, I’m in the Chicago burbs myself. If your in the Schamburg area they are releasing a DIPA called Juicy on June 25th. I hear its pretty darn good. Not sure if you are into IPAs though!

    Long time TAI listener here saying keep the podcasts coming!


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