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pumpbeerWhat show picks a topic that only one of the hosts can intelligently participate, well it’s the spin off from Table for Ate. Sidebar is it’s name or should it be Sideboob, either way it’s the show where we talk about beer.

Forget what you’ve heard about beer. Bud is not the king of beer. Craft beer is now king. And the king of craft beer has to be Pumpkin Beer. Well it might not be the king, but we don’t hate it as much as you may think.

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3 Comments on “Side Bar – Pumpkin Beer”

  1. Love the topic but hated the discussion. You guys don’t know crap about pumpkin beer. What about the wide variety of styles within the variety such as pumpkin stouts, pumpkin IPA’s (which lends some real body to the beer), etc. Hell, Jolly Pumpkin is even making a decent pumpkin saison. Also, no discussion is complete without at least a mention of Elysian Brewing (Seattle) which makes the the most highly rated pumpkin beers such as Night Owl, The Great Pumpkin, Dark of the Moon and my favorite – Punkaccino. All of these are widely distributed and are available on both coasts.

    1. No Elysian here in Chicago, but that will likely change shortly considering their purchase by Anheuser Busch – hell, they might even start brewing it here soon enough.

      I had a perfectly acceptable Pumpkin Stout by Schlafly in St. Louis. That said, I am not nearly as familiar with the breadth of styles into which breweries have decided to unleash jack-o-lanterns. Soon enough the inside of a liquor store won’t be discernible from the inside of a Trader Joe’s.

  2. BTW, for anyone interested in exploring the nuances of the pumpkin, the world’s largest pumpkin beer festival is happening in Philly on October 10th. This year the organizer, Charlie Collazo at the The Institute, has over 120 brewers pouring their pumpkin beers and he is bragging about the pumpkin lambics and sours that he has lined up. It is a great outdoor festival in Center City and folks fly in from around the country to attend. The info is available at

    I guarantee you will come away with a new appreciation for the style. Looking at you penutty!

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