Shared space dining(fixed)

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Whether it’s the microwave in your office break room, a hot plate in the dorm or a sous vide machine on your parent’s kitchen counter, we’ve all had to cook and eat in a shared space. What are the do’s and don’ts of shared space dining and why is it so easy to judge other people’s meals? Fuck you and your mini cutting board!

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5 Comments on “Shared space dining(fixed)”

  1. When you asked Tony if he had a “weird roommate” situation in college, I had to laugh. We all know Tony was the weird roommate.

  2. Oh, and one more comment: When I was into camping, I had one cooking appliance with me on the trip: A cast-iron dutch oven. You can cook anything in that fucker. In fact, you could have something cooking side it, with the lid on, and cook something on top of the lid at the same time. I still use it regularly. It will never die. Best small-space cooking device ever invented.

  3. Love the idea of cooking in a dutch oven when space is limited, sadly the pussies in my office break room complained about the camp fire….

  4. I really enjoyed catching up with Tony in Melbourne last month. As well as the excellent barbecue food, we visited a few excellent pubs and a couple of small breweries, methodically working our way down their drinks menus. Must do it again soon, perhaps in a different part of town next time.

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