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  1. I’m going to ignore most of what you talked about and comment on the show title, Schnitzel…

    I was hoping Tony would bring attention to one of the staples of Aussie pub grub, the Parma, which is essentially a chicken schnitzel topped with Napoli sauce, smoked ham and cheese. Available in the traditional form virtually everywhere, but some places take it to the next level.

    The Shamrock Hotel in Echuca, Victoria, boasts a menu with 101 variations — some sound delicious, others frightening. http://shamrockhotel.com.au/101-parma-menu/

  2. The first five minutes of this episode sounded like a real snooze fest, as Griff’s dining and drinking adventures in Northern Europe is a topic I would not call riveting. In fact, if I was going to spend an hour plus listening to a description of the bar scene in Stockholm I would probably kill myself. However, this somehow morphed into your best episode.

    Very cool to learn that Brooklyn is brewing at a new facility in Sweden, and Griff’s take on Omnipollo’s Mango Gose is spot on. Not sure how you got on the topic of hazy New England hop bombs, but for once even Tony sounded knowledgeable in pointing out that whether the haziness is due to the addition of oats, flour or excessive amounts of hop resin, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It is in current fashion in some circles to knock these beers but that is only warranted when brewers are brewing to a certain “look” and not to a certain taste or mouthfeel. Tony correctly points out that the addition of oats is used not to achieve a cosmetic result but to add body or to take the edge off an abrasive hop profile to allow the tropical notes to shine through. That and not the hazy appearance is the true objective in the New England IPAs.

    A couple of minor errors (e.g., the milkshake series is made by Tired Hands, not Tree House) but this was an interesting and informative episode. Well done.

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