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SandwichSo we took an extra week to get this show out, but this show is jam pack just like any great sandwich. How jam packed you ask, well this is the muffaletta of food podcasts. Stuffed to the gills. Tasty. But all over the place.

Tony takes sandwich simplicity to the next level. Brian ponders why sandwiches are never as flavorful if you make them at home. Griff gives us this thesis on what he believes is the greatest sandwiches know to man, the French Dip. We also share some of your opinions on what makes a great sandwich.

The super happy fat fun quiz is royally themed this week, so who will ascend to the throne of sandwiches? Well actually Earls don’t have thrones, but who really cares. And I think we may have a new segment called That’s what that things called.

Phew an hour and a half about sandwiches and I didn’t talk about vegemite, aren’t you proud? Who are we kidding here, these are just show notes.

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11 Comments on “Sandwiches”

  1. I haven’t been in an Arby’s in years (2012, when I was applying for a job in one during my ill-fated sojourn to Reno), but I ate enough of their food in the ten years I worked for them to last a lifetime. Still, I have to come down on the side of the Beef n’ Cheddar, a messy but ultimately satisfying sammich. The goooey cheddar, the sweet red sauce (called red ranch, but actually closer to catalina dressing), and the onion bun combine for a uniquely delicious taste. Add horsey sauce to it and it can’t be beat. I don’t know what’s in that horsey sauce, but it tastes like heroin and crack.

    Arby’s also had a French Dip. They may still, I’m not sure. I liked the aus jus sauce and would randomly dip other sammiches in it for experimental purposes. All the bread fell apart except for the French Dip bun, which was a hard roll. At the time I left them in 2009, they were rolling out a roast beef seasoning that made the roast beef taste exactly like a hamburger. I’m not sure why they did that or if it’s still going on, but I didn’t approve of it.

    Also, I have separated with Jack in the Box. That means if I want a greasy, slimy set of tacos I have to pay for them. That won’t be happening. In my last days there, the Blazin’ Chicken was just starting. It was some combination of fried spicy chicken, jalapenos, and ghost pepper sauce. I wanted no part of that. At any time, there are about ten things in the kitchen. These are shuffled and reconfigured in multiple ways to create everything on the menu. I’m over it. My hope is to not work fast food in Vegas when I get there…or at least, failing that, to not have to work at a Jack in the Box. But I’m prepared for the worst, as that usually happens.

    Fun fact: the voice of Jack in the commercials is Matt Frewer. He was on the sitcom Doctor, Doctor and Dan Aykroyd’s weirdo series PSI Factor, but is better known as ’80s MTV star and Coca Cola pitchman Max Headroom. True.

  2. Hey Internet character patch406 here….just wanna know one thing.

    When are you faggots gonna talk about eating PUSSY? There’s a topic I can get behind.

  3. If the ham sandwich is so crappy that it needs to have tomato sauce, just toss the ham. Don’t ruin beautiful pickled onions by adding other shit, allow the onion to be the stand out. Tony also failed to tell everyone that I also like fairybread sangas. My top 5 would have to be , hot roast pork with apple sauce and gravy, the bacon sandwich, crisps in white bread sangas, tasty cheese and apple, and cucumber, lettuce and onion., (I like onions).

    Why it is that when you burp after having Subway it is always the same no matter what sandwich you had.

    My favourite fast food is fish and chips, very partial to the potato cake and pump cake. I’m sure Tony will fill you in.

    I dislike peanut butter because after school my younger brother would lay in front of the telly and devour a loaf of white sliced bread and a jar of peanut butter, separately, God he stunk of the stuff.

  4. I’m all for peanut butter on a spoon, but it presents troubling aspects at times.

    1) We’ve all heard the urban legend of the girl who ate peanut butter on a spoon, but choked to death because she failed to have any water with her, and the peanut butter expanded. As we know, it’s impossible to get peanut butter out of your throat. It somehow becomes sentient and fills all your available orifices, like murder food. Although I stated everyone knows this story, there is zero documentation it actually happened. I choose to believe it.

    2) I prefer creamy peanut butter. I make DAMN SURE not to double-dip the spoon. I get plenty of peanut butter on the spoon and spread it around. I do not return it to the jar because I don’t want bread in the jar. It becomes very hard and crunchy. Unsettling. For the grape jelly (but usually jam), as I make PB&J sammiches, I have to use a separate spoon. This is just good hygiene. Peanut butter and jelly (or jam) are NOT to be in the same jar, even if they do lie together as man and wife between two slices of bread. Also, I instantly put the jar of jelly (or jam) back into the ice box (or refrigerator, as you non-southern folk call it). I’m from a family who thinks it’s okay to leave things like jelly (or jam) and mayo out on the table at room temperature for hours at a time, often with the lid off. IT IS NOT. In my house, when I have one, that crap goes straight into the garbage. So, the problem comes from eating that spoonful of creamy peanut butter and getting an unexpected *crunch*. Where did it come from? It’s not bread, as I took precautions against that. It’s not peanuts. WHAT IS IT. I gag, almost puke, and throw away yet another jar of peanut butter. Life is too short to take these risks. You may have just eaten crunchy maggots.

  5. Urban legend has it that you eat doggy in the Dim Sims at our local Chinese restaurant, I’m not sure about stray pussy.

    I do like battered dim sims and chiko rolls from fish and chip shops.

  6. A & C Pork store is one of the biggest things I miss about New Jersey. My Uncle and I would stop in there all the time and the old lady would make us a mortadella, provolone, and a bit of spicy mustard on an Italian hard roll. So simple and one of the best god damn sandwiches ever.

    I am with Tony on the homemade bacon. Store bought bacon is trash compared to making your own. It taste so much better. I made some pancetta as well with some of the belly, equally as awesome.

    1. A & C in Paterson or A & S in West Paterson (now smartly renamed Woodland Park). I love those stores as well. North Jersey (Hudson/Essex/Bergen) all have the best Italian in the country. Though, they hardly compare to eating pussy or maggots.

      1. I have a very vivid memory of eating an Italian sub from the West Patterson A & S in my car on Christmas Eve before going to my former in-laws for dinner. It wasn’t that their cooking was that bad, it’s that the fucking sandwich was so good.

  7. Hey Y2k here, long time first time. I know a thing or two about creating a fake internet parody account, but I have to admit that whoever started “Tony’s Mum” is the greatest of all time.

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