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Custom (13)It’s time to strap in, pull out the road map and hit the gas… Oh and don’t forget the Dad cooler. Yep that’s right we’re taking a road trip on the latest Table for Ate podcast.

What are your go to’s when on the road. Are you a roller grill person or are you a trail mix addict. One things for sure the food is never, ever good.

Speaking of not good it’s we found it on pinterest.

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7 Comments on “Road Trip”

  1. This was a good episode that brought back some memories, both good and bad.

    Today, when I’m on a road trip, I always look for a local dive at which to stop. I refuse to eat at chain restaurants, particularly any chain restaurant I can eat at back home. Recently, on a trip South, I spotted a small shack with three smokers out front, each one bellowing smoke. A hand-painted sign simply said: Ribs and brisket: $10. I stopped, walked up to the window on the side of the shack, paid $10 for a half-slab of ribs, sat at one of the table out front, and had some of the most tender, delicious ribs I’ve ever eaten. I then dropped another $10 to try the brisket. Again, some of the best barbecue I’ve ever had. I washed it down with a Coke, and didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day.

    As far as the “gas-station hot dog,” a C-Store/gas station chain here in the Midwest called Quik Trip has made the roller hot dog their go-to item, so much so that people drive their for lunch from work. My college students swear by them, but I have yet to try one. Additionally, another Midwest C-Store/gas station chain, Casey’s, makes and DELIVERS its own pizza. Most of the natives I know claim it’s the best pizza they have ever had. I’ve tried it, it’s barely passable as “pizza.” But then again, we have discussed the absence of a palate in the native Midwesterner.

    My go-to item when I was a kid on a road trip at the gas station were Funyuns. Remember those things? Do they still exist?

    1. Damn. Wish I had read that before I hit send. I hate grammar mistakes. The perils of middle-of-the-night posts.

      Also, I forgot to mention I have a great Waffle House story. I can’t remember if I ever shared it on that other podcast from the distant past, but if I haven’t, I will save it for a future appearance on the show. It will definitely be a TAI meets T4A moment.

    2. You can make Casey’s pizza at home if you have a box of saltines, a bottle of ketchup, and some Kraft singles sitting around.

  2. I have only been to Tucson a couple of times and a frozen Eeggees is already on my list of musts while setting off for Phoenix on a hot Arizona day. No Eeggees love? wtf. My buddy says eating Eegees taught him how to drive with his knees.

    Also I was recently driving across central Spain with a group and we stopped at a truck stop. Its always interesting to see the truck-stop and convenience store junk food in another country and buying one thing that is a total mystery. An under-rated tourist idea.

    In terms of serious food though if you are ever in Spain I highly recommend hiring ‘Devour Spain’ for a bar/food evening. Four hours of little local places (not fancy, but authentic) with a small group (6). We received education in Jamon and other specialties. Seriously ,you foodies would like this.

    Keep up the good work. Bring on GN for Waffle Story please.

    1. Been a busy month and a half for the T48 crew but rest assured, none of us have died, or come any closer than usual.

    2. Don’t you worry, a new episode is “in the can.” Also, slash, sent you a DM on twitter. Gonna be in your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks if you want to get some bbq. I hear the only pace better than Houston to get Texas bbq is Sweden!

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