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Hands up if you love pizza? Hands down you tool, we can’t see you. But if you are like us you love pizza. And if you’re like us you’ve never had a bad pizza, yeah right. So what makes a good pizza and how bad does it have to be bad.

What do you want from a pizza? Is it a great crust, or the sauce(or too much sauce, Jamison) or the toppings. How far are you willing to go for a great pie? Will you made it at home and will it be from scratch? Are you a New York or a Chicago pie guy(Two out of the three of us will not call that deliciousness a pizza)?

We can all agree that neapolitan is perfection, but what happens when hipster get hold of it, well certified ovens that’s what. And get ready to be introduced to a midwestern icon, pizza in a bowl, it’s called pizza in a bowl, I’m not listening, it’s pizza in a bowl.

And we found it on pinterest again and we prove once again that the internet can stuff up everything including pizza and mac and cheese. The foodie quiz a sausage fest, pepperoni that is and just how many pizzas do they sell in Brazil.

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10 Comments on “Pizza Pizza Pizza”

  1. Just found the podcast, really glad that Brian and Tony are back (and Griff joining them!).

    One pizza experience that I felt was worth mentioning, in college there was a chain called Gumby’s Pizza that I think exists solely in college towns. Their claim to fame was that it was cheap, as in two pizzas for $5 cheap at the time, and open really late. But the unique thing they did was that they knew their pizza was complete shit (every component, sauce, crust, and cheese was terrible), so they provided a ranch dipping sauce for it. I thought that sounded disgusting, but by the time I graduated I was hooked. Almost 15 years later, I still get a craving every once in awhile.

    1. Wow instant ramen would have trouble competing with that food crack, now there’s an idea for a show Food Crack.

  2. How is it that the fattest fan of This Ain’t Iowa hasn’t already made a guest appearance on this show?

  3. Glad you’re all back (and Grif, too). Sounding great gentlemen (and Tony).

    When can we expect Rando on the show?

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