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Sorry for the long layoff and light show notes, this ones all on the cripple(and he’s from Australia). We are talking about pasta and not noodles on the latest podcast.

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4 Comments on “Pasta”

  1. Happy New Year, gents.

    I’m not a huge pasta fan personally, which is unfortunate as my wife and daughter will always choose an Italian restaurant when given the choice. I’ve tried gourmet pasta dishes in award winning restaurants all around the world, yet it always seems so bland. I’ll usually opt for amatriciana or arrabiata, hoping for a bit of a kick to liven things up, but it’s generally disappointing.

    Dishonourable mention must go to Australian chains like Sofias, La Porchetta or Fasta Pasta — places where “value for money” seems far more important than quality, resulting in them serving huge mountains of terrible, uninspiring, glutenous slimy garbage. And also to anywhere that serves lasagne with chips — carbs with carbs, why?

  2. Hey Guys.
    Long time listener…first time caller.
    Need some kitchen advice. Knives. I have a bunch of shitty knifes I hate. What do I really need ie 8″ chef/pairing/bread? Gimme some quality brand suggestions. What’s this santuko bullshit?

    Follow up question for the donk kiwi….what’s the def between vegemite and marmite?

    1. I got one of those hack sets a few years ago, and only use like, two of them. A good chef’s knife and serrated bread knife. Do you need anything else? Anyone ever your one of those sketchy flexible filet knives? Seem dangerous. Paring knife is good for hand peeling an apple if you get sent back to 1845.

  3. I have a pretty nice Wusthof 8″ chef’s knife. Should last many years (I’ve had mine for 4 years or so now). Sharpen it every couple of years and it will be fine. Can get one of those honing rods if you’re feeling real bold. The knife is a little bit of an investment but it really does make life easier- even though, these days, I have to wear kevlar gloves every time I use it.

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