Couch Potato Dauphinoise

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What do three(one in mind only) fat dudes love more than food, food television. So where did this torrid love affair start, two words Martin Yan and it was HOT. Who else turned our food world upside down, well they all started with the word peasant and which one of the peasants was a kiddy toucher(it’s not the one you think).

We then discuss the evolution of the food network or should we say the devolution of food TV in general. Cooking was once about a person behind a desk producing tasty meals, now all you see is combat cooking. So what are we watching now and what are our guilty pleasures?

Martha Stewart is a media vet, but today we take her shit to the next level on we found it on pinterest. And as you can guess it’s a TV theme on the super happy fat fun quiz, but can you guess who nailed the tie breaker question perfectly?

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MMM Beer

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We are five shows deep into Table for Ate and we are already doing podcasts not about food. Sure it might not be a food based topic, but we think beverages are worthy of discussion, especially when it’s as delicious as beer. Boys and beer, nope not here, we are joined by a special guest and beer nerd Kelowatt.

Let’s start from the beginning, let’s start at day zero of our beer drinking lives, what was the first beer we drank? Let’s just say these weren’t well crafted IPA’s. What was our pathway into craft beer and what were our gateway beers? And we wrap up the first half of the show by sharing what are our favorite beers right now.

The second half of the show we discuss the culture impact that beer has had on the food and beverage world. How does beer compare to wine, are we seeing restaurants putting together comprehensive beer list or is it still a poor second cousin? And just how broad is the appeal of craft beer?

What do you get when you have a housewife with crafting supplies and a bottle of bud? I think you get sad, but we did find it on Pinterest so it can’t be all bad. So it’s a three way battle to the death(get well soon Griff) in the beer themed edition of the super happy fat fun quiz.

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Foodie or Foody

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It’s dictionary time on Table for Ate and we try and define what is a Foodie or is it spelt Foody. Who the hell cares, but we can all agree its a super douche term. So what the hell is a foodie and are the three hosts all foodies? You’ll have to tune into the podcast to find out.

We also talk about when being a foodie goes to far, does anyone want to take a guess when that happens? That’s right they turn into hipsters, but not just a normal hipster, but the worst kind of hipster, a fat hipster(we’ll just for arguments sake give this hat wearing fatty a name, let’s call him Tony).

What happens when foodie’s meet pinterest, well you just get pinterest. But we think pinterest may have jumped the shark and killed the cronut. And Griff and Brian put there foodie cred on the line in the guide book edition of the super happy fat fun quiz.

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Pizza Pizza Pizza

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Hands up if you love pizza? Hands down you tool, we can’t see you. But if you are like us you love pizza. And if you’re like us you’ve never had a bad pizza, yeah right. So what makes a good pizza and how bad does it have to be bad.

What do you want from a pizza? Is it a great crust, or the sauce(or too much sauce, Jamison) or the toppings. How far are you willing to go for a great pie? Will you made it at home and will it be from scratch? Are you a New York or a Chicago pie guy(Two out of the three of us will not call that deliciousness a pizza)?

We can all agree that neapolitan is perfection, but what happens when hipster get hold of it, well certified ovens that’s what. And get ready to be introduced to a midwestern icon, pizza in a bowl, it’s called pizza in a bowl, I’m not listening, it’s pizza in a bowl.

And we found it on pinterest again and we prove once again that the internet can stuff up everything including pizza and mac and cheese. The foodie quiz a sausage fest, pepperoni that is and just how many pizzas do they sell in Brazil.

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Food Memories

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On the second episode of Table for Ate we take a stroll down memory lane. Those of you who remember two of the hosts from This Ain’t Iowa don’t worry we won’t be reliving the the 800+ shows. It’s about food memories and just what did you eat as a kid?

What your your favorite foods growing up? Junk food
Do you still eat the hell out of them? Of course
What did your school lunch look like? Spoiler alert lunchables for days.

And find out where Tonys’ love of fast food come from and it’s not just because the dude likes to eat crap to the point of excess. How did the environment shape the foods these guys love to eat as kids? We’d like to know how it educated your palate growing up.

Get ready for some food rage in the second installment of we found it on Pinterest, who thought hotdogs would make three grown men so angry.  And who will come out on top of the that’s offensive Australia edition of the quiz?

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Welcome to the pilot for Table for Ate, an amuse bouche for your ears. This show was never meant to see the light of day, but you’re welcome. So we are still smoothing out the edges, but if this podcast was a fry it’d be a hand cut steak fry(you might not love it, but you’ll eat it).

So on todays show we get neck deep in fried potatoes, both hot and cold. You’ll find what Brian Mollica’s favorite kind of fries, what Tony Moran’s favorite flavour of chip’s and Griff over thinks the question no one was asking.

In the first of our two regular segments we check out what’s happening in the foodie mecca of Pinterest, Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chip Chicken that’s what’s happening. And how will win the first ever quiz on Table for Ate?

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