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So this is not your typical table for ate, but it is good, in the same way that homemade sodas are good. This is more like that show, well really this show. Let’s be honest, these show notes are garbage, because Tony can’t be stuffed writing them. You know who’s a great writer? Stig Larsson, he’s dead, you know who’s not dead, YET? Rando.


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custom-14We are back with a real show, no offence sidebar(none taken). We are talking candy and you’d then it’d be all sunshine and lollipops, buzz WRONG. We don’t talk about lollipops.

For any Sorry for your luck listeners you’ll be familiar with a segment we call your top 3, but we do it kind of different. Brian has some very hard and fast rules when it comes to candy, lets just say Tonys not a fan. We also have the regular segment from pinterest and it’s candy buffets(sounds good right).

And just who do you think has the weirdest candy scene?

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Road Trip

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Custom (13)It’s time to strap in, pull out the road map and hit the gas… Oh and don’t forget the Dad cooler. Yep that’s right we’re taking a road trip on the latest Table for Ate podcast.

What are your go to’s when on the road. Are you a roller grill person or are you a trail mix addict. One things for sure the food is never, ever good.

Speaking of not good it’s we found it on pinterest.

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Ballpark Food

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Custom (12)Happy 4th of July y’all. There is nothing more american than apple pie and baseball. Seeing we are a food show you’d think we’d be talking about apple pies, nope we’re talking baseball or more correctly stadium food.

What are the classics in your location? Are there any regional favorites? Or are you stuck with nachos, fries and kranskys? A what?

I’ve added the pinterest item to the photo on the website, please let us know what you think.

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