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We are five shows deep into Table for Ate and we are already doing podcasts not about food. Sure it might not be a food based topic, but we think beverages are worthy of discussion, especially when it’s as delicious as beer. Boys and beer, nope not here, we are joined by a special guest and beer nerd Kelowatt.

Let’s start from the beginning, let’s start at day zero of our beer drinking lives, what was the first beer we drank? Let’s just say these weren’t well crafted IPA’s. What was our pathway into craft beer and what were our gateway beers? And we wrap up the first half of the show by sharing what are our favorite beers right now.

The second half of the show we discuss the culture impact that beer has had on the food and beverage world. How does beer compare to wine, are we seeing restaurants putting together comprehensive beer list or is it still a poor second cousin? And just how broad is the appeal of craft beer?

What do you get when you have a housewife with crafting supplies and a bottle of bud? I think you get sad, but we did find it on Pinterest so it can’t be all bad. So it’s a three way battle to the death(get well soon Griff) in the beer themed edition of the super happy fat fun quiz.

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4 Comments on “MMM Beer”

  1. Having not even heard this episode, I should comment that someone on a previous episode (if I recall correctly) expressed a love for Blue Moon beer. Besides being the President’s favorite beer, it’s also wholly owned by Miller-Coors. When I used to drink (no more…thanks, diabetes) I had a taste for Killian’s Irish Red, also owned by Miller-Coors. A very good beer, if you can get it, is Summit Winter Ale, made in St. Paul, Minnesota. I think they only distribute to 18 states and Nevada doesn’t seem to be one of them. Guinness is almost as good.

  2. A fairly good episode. The Kelowatt perspective was a welcome change. Actual intelligence in the show? Who knew!

    And what’s your opinion of the new craze of beer tastings (instead of wine tastings)? I’m seeing a lot of those in the Kansas City area these days. Have you done one yet?

    1. Boulevard Beer is doing a beer festival over Father’s Day weekend. Boulevard was started here in Kansas City. There are also a few smaller places that brew beer here. One that I recently have tried is Cinder Block Brewery.

  3. I have this memory of a beer my Dad used to drink when I was a kid. He would sometimes let me have a sip and I would always be shocked at how terrible it tasted given how the adults loved it so much. When I started drinking beer myself, at 24 (huge computer nerd), I developed a fond memory of that beer Dad used to drink. Ever since I’ve been trying to find that taste without success. When I asked Dad about it, he said it was probably something like Coors or Hamms, something like that. We lived in Tucson and Southern California at the time (’60s).

    One time I was on a Lufthansa flight to Germany and the flight attendant picked out a German beer for me. I tasted it and it was almost exactly the flavor I remember from childhood! I was going to remember what it was but I had a couple on the flight and forgot to write it down. All I remember is that I think the can was green. I’ve been to the fancy beer store and bought a bunch of singles trying to find that flavor but I never have. Now I usually drink Stella.


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