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On the second episode of Table for Ate we take a stroll down memory lane. Those of you who remember two of the hosts from This Ain’t Iowa don’t worry we won’t be reliving the the 800+ shows. It’s about food memories and just what did you eat as a kid?

What your your favorite foods growing up? Junk food
Do you still eat the hell out of them? Of course
What did your school lunch look like? Spoiler alert lunchables for days.

And find out where Tonys’ love of fast food come from and it’s not just because the dude likes to eat crap to the point of excess. How did the environment shape the foods these guys love to eat as kids? We’d like to know how it educated your palate growing up.

Get ready for some food rage in the second installment of we found it on Pinterest, who thought hotdogs would make three grown men so angry.  And who will come out on top of the that’s offensive Australia edition of the quiz?

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6 Comments on “Food Memories”

  1. I’m late to finding this show, but I’ll be adding my two-cents worth as I catch up, because, as my body size will attest, I love to eat.

    Clearly, after listening to this episode, I had a very different upbringing from the three of you (which is what made me the fat man I am today). I was raised in the Deep South — rural Alabama to be precise — and had two grandmothers who both loved to cook and loved to feed me. They, and my mother, taught me everything I know about how to cook, and thanks to them, I have inherited a large collection of well-seasoned cast-iron cookware, and tons of family recipes dating back to the 1820s.

    My favorite food memory isn’t the eating of the food, but the preparing of the food with my great-grandmother, who was in her mid-90s and I was 12 or 13 when she started teaching me the art of making homemade dumplings for her chicken and dumplings recipe. It’s a time-consuming process, is mind-numbing, and incredibly tedious. But she revealed that after every 10 dumplings or so, you drank an entire glass of wine, which helped dull the pain and get you through the next 10. I’ve been a wine drinker ever since.

    You have to love food in the South.

  2. Here’s one of my food memories… My dad, also Italian, use to make this really nasty snack that I used to hate when I was a kid. Later, as an adult, I picked up the habit and started making it for myself once in a while. Fortunately I don’t do it anymore…

    Anyway, Dad used to empty a can of tuna in a bowl, then add a medium yellow onion, chopped, and finish with about 10oz of lemon juice. That’s it. The smell was bad enough, but the first bite was so powerfully nasty that I can’t believe I would ever eat another. But after the third or fourth bite it starts to grow on you. I wouldn’t recommend anyone try this because that quantity of lemon juice is really hard on tooth enamel.


    1. I can totally relate to this PG. I have a dad/tuna story to share on the show. Gonna go out on a limb here, was the tuna packed in oil? True test of a real (gross) Italian.

      1. Of course pack in oil! Did you also do the onion and lemon juice? I wonder if that was an Italian thing or maybe a Chicago thing…

        1. Definitely lemon juice (although not a pitcher of it) and my dad has never been into onions, but otherwise, nailed it.

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