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Custom (8)Two for the price of one, that’s right you get more than one dish on this edition of Table for Ate. Grammar Nazi joins this double helping to discuss his love of hot food and just what would a 425lbs man eat at the fair. Prepare yourself, pussies.

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3 Comments on “Hot Fair Food”

  1. For the record, I did *NOT* give Grif and Kelly a warning about Grammar Nazi… well, at least I don’t think I did.

    No, wait, I probably did. Sounds like something I’d say.

    Great show again, guys. I enjoyed reminiscing about the plate o’ guts at Katy’s and, yes, GN, I am heartbroken that it’s closed.

    And I’ll add an “amen” to what was said about the mom-n-pop crap-tastic “restaurants” here in the Midwest.

  2. Hey Grammer Nazi,
    In the realm of the internet I believe we are almost neighbors. I am in the Kansas City area. KC also has a bacon festival. I haven’t been to it, but I believe it is fairly recent. Great show! Thelma

    1. Thelma,

      I come to Kansas City at least once a month just to dine out. Maryville’s options are rather few and less than stellar.

      The KC bacon “festival” is a pale imitation of the event in Des Moines. This year’s event was limited to 10,000 people. But they cooked 25,000 pounds of bacon and ran out before the day was over.

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