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A couple of apologies, Tonys laptop crap itself hence the delay and this is some of the worst audio we’ve dealt with in a long time.

So I know what you’re thinking, what do these three know about health food? Answer? NOTHING. And more than likely neither do you. We try to uncover what “healthy eating” really means, and why there are so many opposing views on the matter. We also dive in to the many diets Brian has tried through the years, and an expert guest dispels the myth that eating healthy makes you happy. Are we going to keep on talking like Tony isn’t sitting here?

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2 Comments on “Healthy Eating”

  1. Glad you managed to salvage the recording, it’s been a long wait since the last episode.

    I’ve also struggled with healthy eating and exercise over the last few years… I could blame a stressful job, parenthood, general laziness etc. The Atkins Diet seemed like the least offensive approach, but nothing prepares you for the throbbing headaches, aching joints, bad breath and constipation when you first try it. Plus my downfall is that I always work out a way to shoehorn alcohol into the daily allowance, in the case of Atkins the fact that most spirits are virtually “free” was definitely a problem. Still, I’d rather be a lardarse than a vegetarian.

  2. A BMO, Tony, and Griff episode on healthy eating. Cubs winning the World Series, Donald Trump as President, Bob Dylan winning a Nobel Prize now all move down a notch on the list things from the past year I never thought I would see.

    Cutting down on carbs is really the hardest. They just appear out of nowhere. Chips at a Mexican Restaurant; Bread at Italian and other restaurants; Cookie when you check in to the Doubletree Hotel, Donuts at work meetings… It is like we are all under constant free tasty Carb attack.

    BTW Houston is about to get its first In N’ Out Burger. I’m sure there will be some sort of insane lines the first few days. I kind of wish it was not coming because In N’ Out is one of the things that was special about making trips out West. Plus now we in Houston will have to hear endless comments about how Whataburger is or is not better from local goobers that feel compelled to make laps around the fast food analysis retard track as if they were on some sort of Michelin Star committee for entrees that cost under two bucks. That should be left to entertaining professionals such as yourselves.

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