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It’s dictionary time on Table for Ate and we try and define what is a Foodie or is it spelt Foody. Who the hell cares, but we can all agree its a super douche term. So what the hell is a foodie and are the three hosts all foodies? You’ll have to tune into the podcast to find out.

We also talk about when being a foodie goes to far, does anyone want to take a guess when that happens? That’s right they turn into hipsters, but not just a normal hipster, but the worst kind of hipster, a fat hipster(we’ll just for arguments sake give this hat wearing fatty a name, let’s call him Tony).

What happens when foodie’s meet pinterest, well you just get pinterest. But we think pinterest may have jumped the shark and killed the cronut. And Griff and Brian put there foodie cred on the line in the guide book edition of the super happy fat fun quiz.

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5 Comments on “Foodie or Foody”

  1. If you’re lucky, your local Jack in the Box may still have the blatant Cronut rip-off the “Croissant Donut”, a deep-fried yeasty caloric nightmare sprinkled with powdered sugar. Early sales were brisk, but they leveled off. In fact, I thought we stopped carrying them until I saw half a case in the freezer last night. Yum!

    Also, last week you talked about pizza. Does everyone love pizza? Really? The Arby’s I worked for in Roseville, MN from 2000-2003 was paired with a Sbarro, which is the worst pizza out there. It’s as if McDonald’s started making pizza. It makes CiCis seem upscale and gourmet by comparison. I made thousands of pizzas during my time there. I quickly lost my taste for the stuff. The next year I went to work at my brother’s pizza/video store in Eclectic, Alabama. We bought pre-made frozen crusts from Sam’s Club and lovingly sprinkled on fake cheese and cheap sauce. We also carried the vast array of available Jim Varney movies on VHS. It was a golden time.

  2. Just now catching up on the new show. I like it so far. I can tell you that the top Yelp reviewers do get invited to special events. I have a friend that is a top reviewer and I went with him to one of the events at a new restaurant. From what he has said is a lot of new places that are trying to get good reviews will throw a Yelp event. Of course even though our meal was just ok because the food was free most people gave them great reviews. I don’t think I would go back to another event as most of the people there just talk about and brag about where they have eaten.

  3. Super yum! I used Canadian back bacon instead of ham and it added a bit of a smoky fluvaor. No extra salt required, either 🙂 Had it in the crock over night and I’m tempted to have soup for breakfast. Cheers!

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