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fdavSo it’s time to hate, hate is a strong word but these are the foods that we hate. How deep does our hate go, well all the way to childhood.

We spare no foods. Are you a drink, we hate at least one of you, looking at you bubble tea. Meat, to easy, SPAM. And don’t get Tony started on canned asparagus, not even at a hobo dinner party.

What did we find on pinterest, Vegenaise that’s what, not even condiments are safe.

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9 Comments on “Food Aversions”

  1. I don’t know much about Griff at all, but I have listened to Brian and Tony talk about themselves for hundreds of hours and I feel I know them to a certain extent. That said, I think I can say that there is some hypocrisy at play here.

    I do believe you two foodies would talk for hours on end about the consistency of noodles, but at the same time you’d relentlessly mock anyone who took a picture of their lunch before eating it. Food snobbery has become a global pastime these past few years, and the Food Network seems to be largely at fault. As a person who’s resisted the title “hipster” for years, despite my own collections of ’60s spy novels and manual typewriters, I nevertheless can spot one a mile off…and you two are Food Hipsters. THE WORST KIND. If ever there is ever a conflict of any kind in which I am prompted to side with Guy Fieri, it is not a war I want to be involved in.

    Also, it’s easy to dismiss Spam, until you place it in a historical context. Spam was instrumental in winning World War II, as it made it practical to deliver meat to the Allied troops — more than 150 million pounds were consumed during the war. Following the war, Spam was distributed to Hawaii and other American protectorates , where it gained a foothold that lasts to this day. Nikita Khrushchev credited Spam with saving Soviet troops from starvation. Without Spam, our lives would be completely changed and we’d be toiling under German rule. But not Tony. He’d be just fine, having kissed up to them long ago.

    Question of the Week: I don’t appreciate steak. It costs a lot, and they always make you work for it. I can be chewing for what feels like hours on steak and never finish it. Not crazy about it.

    Also, Spider McGee has books in the Kindle Store. Why doesn’t everyone know about this?

  2. It’s true. I have had to face some hard realizations. I have avidly admonished hipster culture, yet when it comes to food I tend to like almost all of the things they like.

    It’s not unlike a member of the Christian right being forced to face his feelings of homosexuality. Fighting the urge to embrace what he has been taught to hate. In this analogy facial hair and suspenders would be the equivalent to a glory hole. The last hurdle to clear before accepting your destiny.

    I instantly regret this entire comparison……

  3. So, if we include Rando, this would be a group of people who have hosted well over 1,000 podcasts, own what has to be over 50 typewriters, probably 30 different cameras, an immersion circulator, 2 or 3 sets of home brewing equipment, multiple chemexes & coffee grinders, at least a pair of espresso machines, & I’d bet one of them is manual, and, if I recall correctly, a storage locker full of comic books and paperback novels, and we’re trying to figure out which one of us is a hipster?


  4. Fair enough.

    But I’d say 67 typewriters, a vacated storage locker bereft of 8,000 comic books (sold in 2013), +/- 1,000 sleazy western and spy novel paperbacks, +/- 100 1930s/40s pulp magazines, several dozen vinyl LPs, 80 Atari games (no Atari, sadly), and one well-used K-Cup coffee maker. Hipsterism is something I have to deal with on a daily basis. But again, Tony blows us all away. Call it the Australian welfare state or what have you, but the man has the time and money to indulge all his whims. Do I like beer and cheese? Yes. Would I MAKE beer and cheese? No. I guess that kind of action is not what blows my hair back. Takes all kinds.

  5. I find it interesting that any fat man would have a food aversion. Speaking as a fat man myself, I can’t name a single food that I despise too much to eat.

    And don’t knock organ meats. When properly prepared, they are delicious, which is why I have heart, liver, brains, tongue (technically a muscle, but who’s checking) and intestines stored in my freezer right now. I get them for free from a local meat market that processes local farmers’ cows, because everyone else seems to have an unwarranted aversion to organ meats, and he just gives them to me. Winner, winner, organ dinner!

    They take a good deal of extra effort to prepare properly, but the payoff is delicious.

  6. 1. starbucks/starbucks-esque to-go cffeoe…i brew at home, use my stainless steel cffeoe mug and save hundred of dollars a year.2. bottled water…SUCH a waste of $$ and terrible for the environment. i fill up my klean kanteen from my faucet for free.3. meat…don’t eat it, so no need to buy it.4. sodas and other non-alcoholic drinks just to have in the fridge…at home we have 3 choices: water, cffeoe, and booze :)5. granola bars…i make my own.6. mayo…i make my own vegan version.7. fancy cell phone…i keep a minimal amount of minutes on my tracfone for emergencies and that’s it.8. manicures/pedicures…i’ve never had one and i’m betting i never will. what’s wrong with a $3 bottle of polish at home?9. massages…if i had the money, this one would be kicked off the list in a heartbeat.10. mass christmas cards to send out to family and friends…i think its a nice gesture but it doesn’t have a big enough impact for me to justify the cost and the extra thing to add to my to-do list during a very busy time of year.

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