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ffastHave you ever wanted to know what the people that make fast food think about it? Well we don’t just have any guest, we have The Amazing Rando on today’s podcast.

Would you like to know a little about Rando? Bad luck, you’ll get to know more than you ever wanted to, both about the man himself and fast food in general. We get a brief synopsis of the Rando’s illustrious 30 year career in the industry, along with a supersized helping insider knowledge.

In our regular segments we veganaise your favorite fast food dishes, did someone say a tofu double down? And can our guest hang with Brian and Griff on the Super Happy Fat Fun Quiz, you’ll have to tuck on in to this tasty edition of Table for Ate to find out.

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8 Comments on “Fast Food”

  1. An interesting thing I forgot to mention about “healthy” fast food. In the early ’90s there was quite a push to bring in low-fat cheese, light mayo, and other low-calorie alternatives. I was working at Arby’s when this happened, but at the same time McDonalds and Burger King were also experimenting with veggie burgers and the like.

    If you check today, all these things are gone because no one wanted them. People don’t eat fast food to get healthy, they eat it because they’re too lazy to cook. You might still find a “healthy” salad, but this is topped with cheese and bacon, sometimes fried chicken, and then smothered in high-calorie ranch dressing. Lettuce has no food value, and these people are fooling themselves.

  2. Happy to say I was vindicated (sort of). A friend who also grew up in Tucson informed me that there was a promotion, presumably only for local franchisees, in which the record with the menu song was distributed with the circulars in the Sunday paper. Leave it to Tucson to send out records when cassettes had already been around for a decade.

  3. Nice Job Rando. Always interesting to get a bit of behind the curtain insight to that world.

    Best strange sounding dessert I ever had was Chocolate Soup with Pepper ice cream. Basically it tasted like a bowl of warm milk chocolate pudding with a big scoop of black pepper ice cream in the middle – somehow it worked.

    I have found some desserts dependable in terms of expectations relative to what actually appears (creme brule for example) and some highly variable (bread pudding as an example).

    1. Of all the desserts I’ve encountered, I am most fascinated by Mexican pastries. You take a bite and wonder, will it be sweet? What is this cookie that seems to be three different cookies, with three different colors and flavors? What are jalapenos doing on this thing that looks like an apple fritter? This thing looks and tastes like bread pudding, but has the consistency of a pizza slice. THE HELL?!? When you have sodas flavored with tamarind, a weird legume that none of us have ever even heard of here, all bets are off.

      1. If there were any chance that anyone could keep it on the rails, a “Spider McGee Reviews Ethnic Food” segment would have promise.

        1. Depending on how this Vegas thing goes, I might like that. However, I’ve noticed the place has fallen apart since I last left it in 2009. I may or may not find a job here, but I’m not sure I am as in love with the place as I used to be. Just between you and me, it’s full of sleazy, drunken degenerates. And not the fun kind, neither.

  4. Tony, you have some set of balls being critical of Randi’s employment, at least he seeking employment and not siphoning off the tax payers.

    Brian, you and Jameson should show some compassion and invite Rando in until he gets on his feet. If nothing else, you would have a built in cook. just a suggestion.

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