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Design_10It’s a full house on today’s sweet show as we sit down and tuck into everyone’s favorite dish, or is it? One thing we can all agree on is we loved it as kids and what were some our favorite desserts, well you’ll have to tune in to find out.

We also tackle the subject of meat in desserts, sure the majority are behind salted caramel, but are bacon desserts just a fad and do we actually enjoy them? What about the new trend of breakfast foods that are now dessert’s or why do chefs not seem to like sweets, well in today’s podcast you’ll find out what we think.

Would you eat today’s we found it on pinterest, of course we would, it’s Snickers trifle. For the first time we have a team edition of the super happy fat fun quiz, who will take down the chocolates in team Vegas vs team Chicago.

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4 Comments on “Dessert”

  1. As with everything else in my life, the exit from Vegas is more complicated than it sounds, and I’ll make a statement about it when I’m better able to.

  2. With my arrival back in Texas just a few hours ago, I can reveal that a few days after I decided to move back I suffered a physical setback.

    The right side of my face froze and my eye would not shut. Attempting to speak resulted in something not unlike Bill Murray’s character in Caddyshack, or Brian Wilson on any given day. This has improved, though. I’m not convinced that I’ve had a stroke, and it could very well be something else. All my other reflexes are good and I have no memory loss or other signs of a stroke, but I’ll go to the doctor tomorrow anyway and see what he thinks.

    I don’t want to blame this all on three weeks of pushing every kind of food into my face in Vegas, but it couldn’t possibly have helped.

    Dessert, indeed! I am hoist upon my own petard. #ironic

    1. Yikes! Sound like it may be Bell’s Palsy? I’ve known a few people who have suffered from that and they all made full recoveries. Take care of yourself…you know…whatever that looks like to you.

      1. I believe it is Bell’s Palsy. I saw a doctor today and he gave me an MRI referral, but most of my symptoms have gone away by now. I’m speaking a lot better and have much better control of the eye. I may survive to do another show someday.

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