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Remember that drawer your parents had in the kitchen, overflowing with menus from different pizza and Chinese joints eager to bring you a lesser version of what you could get in their restaurants? Oh how times of change. With a flick of your thumb and with virtually no interaction with another human being, a complete stranger will gladly bring you any kind of food available in your town within an hour or so. What are the do’s and don’ts of food delivery? What’s acceptable to pick up and take home? What should you just suck up and eat in a restaurant around other human beings? Plus, Tony explains how to use this feature when you live in barren, post apocalyptic Australia.

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5 Comments on “Delivery/Takeout”

  1. thanks for considering!….. good show… was able to make it all the way until Tony had to drop that Hibiscus Saison nonsense ……. I was all-in on UberDoorDashPostmate for about 4 months until I realize it was pretty absurd. It’s fine if you’re home sick or the rare occasion you really can’t leave the house, But, between “delivery fees” and “Convenience fees” and “service fees” and tips… I once paid $19.50 for a Philly Cheesesteak……. Also got tired of waiting for some beanie wearing millennial hipster to deliver my food in about 3X the time it takes me to get off the couch and drive to the damn restaurant myself… and you’ll never convince me some of those guys aren’t messing with the food…………

    1. Exactly! At least the dopey pizza boy was making minimum wage. Some weird guy that gets $4.99 to deliver me lukewarm ramen is definitely fingering my food. if it was me, I would eat one bite from every order.

  2. Here in Melbourne’s outer Eastern suburbs I have a bit more choice than Tony has out there in Country Victoria. Although I’m still outside of UberEat’s service zone, I can get food delivered from around 35 local businesses via

    I guess I was spoiled when I lived in the UK, with easily over a hundred options available. I didn’t know about it at the time, but later found a local council website which rates all the town’s takeaway businesses based on their food hygiene standards. All the delicious food I enjoyed having delivered, usually on a Friday night when we couldn’t be bothered cooking after stopping at the pub on the way home from work, invariably came from places who scored zero out of five for cleanliness. 😨

  3. I have moved to a remote, country location outside of the remote, small town in which I work, so I can get nothing delivered (though I have killed a deer in the front yard and dressed it, does that count?).

    As far as Iron Chef, I was glad to see that back — without the stupid Chairman’s Challenge. Did you see the episode where they literally digitally removed judge John Besch from the episode, so there was just one judge in the re-edited episode? It was weird to watch.

    All of the original Japanese Iron Chefs, undubbed and with no subtitles, are available here:

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