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What do three(one in mind only) fat dudes love more than food, food television. So where did this torrid love affair start, two words Martin Yan and it was HOT. Who else turned our food world upside down, well they all started with the word peasant and which one of the peasants was a kiddy toucher(it’s not the one you think).

We then discuss the evolution of the food network or should we say the devolution of food TV in general. Cooking was once about a person behind a desk producing tasty meals, now all you see is combat cooking. So what are we watching now and what are our guilty pleasures?

Martha Stewart is a media vet, but today we take her shit to the next level on we found it on pinterest. And as you can guess it’s a TV theme on the super happy fat fun quiz, but can you guess who nailed the tie breaker question perfectly?

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3 Comments on “Couch Potato Dauphinoise”

  1. Fascinating episode. The food theme seems to have become derailed, and at points it almost became This Ain’t Iowa again, but I do appreciate the effort. This falls squarely in the middle ground between TAI and DUD.

    I can see at some point a food challenge, where Brian and Jameson challenge Griff and Tony to eat unusual foods. The Vegas area is full of both great and terrible fare. Pancake House, followed by greasy tacos from Jack in the Box? Reach for the sky, I say. I don’t know about you guys, but the first places I eat when I arrive in Vegas will be L&L Hawaiian Barbeque, Tommy Burger, and White Castle. Yum, indeed.

    As it happens, I did stumble across a most interesting cooking show on the internet a few years ago. It seems two women were preparing and enjoying pudding from a small cup. It’s hard to find these days, but well worth a viewing.

  2. Guys – Good to hear you back together on the iTunes stream. I enjoyed the episode and will go back and listen to some of the older ones. I am not a hard core food person but I do enjoy the general BS’ing. I also passed it on to a couple of people that are into food and might be interested. I told one friend to beware if she liked Sandra Lee because she got slammed. She said she did not like Sandra Lee and at because she used canned food and did terrible ‘tablescapes’ (I have no idea what that means) so she was on board. I will be in London and Ireland so I will miss the SFYL March meet-up unfortunately which I see Patch has now renamed Table4Ate con after highjacking your name.

  3. There is one cooking show that I like. I watch on PBS , America Test Kitchen. They do a good job in describing why to use this vs. that. I also like when they talk about kitchen gadgets. There is a similar show called Cook Country.

    Glad to here you guys back on. I loved TAI, and miss it.

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