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CoffeeAfter a long unplanned break Table for Ate podcast is back. To quote AC/DC “well I’m back back, well I’m back in black, yes I’m back in black” but if you like your coffee white go ahead.

How many cups of Joe(we never used that word on the show but it’s cool to type) do you drink a day? What is your goto method of brewing? Do you drink grocery store coffee or are you a single origin weirdo? These questions are all answered on this episode of Table for Ate.

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5 Comments on “Coffee”

  1. Really good episode guys. My go-to in the morning is a vente iced americano as I am rushing to work. Iced is the play in Houston this time of year in the 100 degree heat without question. The Starbuck pre-order app has at least doubled my consumption as it is so easy now and ready on the counter just as I get there to grab it and go. Not really the intent of the coffee-house culture. However I recently discovered the Starbucks Trenta size iced coffee which I’m surprised you didn’t give some abuse on the show. That size is a problem. It is basically the Starbucks Big Gulp of jitter juice. The first time I had it I was ill half the day – now I’m back to the Vente. Best coffee I had in the past couple of years was in Vienna Austria – they definitely do a proper coffee experience with pride there.

    1. Plus side about the trenta, doubles as a much needed toilet when you’re done. I think one of the things left out of our conversations sometimes is convenience. Yes, all things being equal, it’s probably nice to go to a small coffee shop where they roast their own beans and take a lot of care in preparation, but sometimes you want a caffeine fix on your way to work and don’t have time for some weirdo in suspenders to perfect his foam heart on your latte. That’s gotta count for something.

      1. I agree. Starbucks is a pretty good option for the sake of convenience – certainly better than where we were with something like McDonalds coffee in the 80s/90s.

        I’ve actually found a pretty good pre-packaged option thta is convenient. Called “High Brew” and they actually appear to be in some gas stations. Kind of like a “Doubleshot” type drink only better.

  2. A little know factoid about the Haitian is that he is a coffee snob. But not like one of those Johnny come lately, home-made cheese and bacon making snobs, the Haitian’s been into the science of brewing his own decent coffee since his college years.

    Though not opposed to the occasional bland and balanced medium with milk and sugar at Dunkin’, or the foofy over-roasted (bitter and burnt), over-caffienated Pike’s Peak at Starbucks, the best coffee in the world comes from Kona. And not just any coffee. From a tiny little family farm on the South Side of the Big Island in Hawaii. I would share the name, but they barely produce enough to cover my family’s needs. Lord knows I’m not sharing this shit with you posers. Best of all, they’ll deliver five pounds (when they have it) for $104 to any address on the mainland. I found the place on my honeymoon about 12 years ago. They had one of those honor fruit/vege stands where you simply leave cash for what you buy in a medal box. I’ve tried other pure Kona from other island exporters and it’s all usually pretty good, but it’s never as good as this stuff and never even close to this cheap. Keep in mind, when you brew pure Kona, you need only use 2/3rds the amount than one typically uses. BTW, the Kona they sell at Trader Joe’s is terrible. So don’t bother.

    As much as a purist would only use a French Press to make the best cup. I find them tedious and a PITA to clean. Any good burr grinder and the freshness of the beans is probably much more important than the type of process used to brew the coffee. Though if using a drip machine, such as my Cuisinart BrewCentral, the temperature of the water and having a burner that does not burn the brew, as well as using filtered water, is key.

    BTW, we have a Keurig at home (casino gift, of course) and I haven’t found many agreeable cups so far. Though it does make a nice hot chocolate. So far I find the San Francisco Bay French Roast and Green Mountain Dark Magic to be OK, but you can’t go over 8 ounces or they get too diluted.

    Finally. Anyone who drinks flavored coffee or who uses flavored creamer (or any creamer for that matter) should be given the Trayvon Martin treatment. Whole milk or cream at most. Also, decaf is for losers.

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