Catch Up

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Not a lot of notes today, but an interesting podcast all the same. Not only do you find what the hosts having been cooking up since the last show, but … Read More

MMM Beer

Table for AtePodcast4 Comments

We are five shows deep into Table for Ate and we are already doing podcasts not about food. Sure it might not be a food based topic, but we think … Read More

Foodie or Foody

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It’s dictionary time on Table for Ate and we try and define what is a Foodie or is it spelt Foody. Who the hell cares, but we can all agree … Read More

Pizza Pizza Pizza

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Hands up if you love pizza? Hands down you tool, we can’t see you. But if you are like us you love pizza. And if you’re like us you’ve never … Read More

Food Memories

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On the second episode of Table for Ate we take a stroll down memory lane. Those of you who remember two of the hosts from This Ain’t Iowa don’t worry … Read More


Table for AtePodcast6 Comments

Welcome to the pilot for Table for Ate, an amuse bouche for your ears. This show was never meant to see the light of day, but you’re welcome. So we … Read More