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catNot a lot of notes today, but an interesting podcast all the same. Not only do you find what the hosts having been cooking up since the last show, but you’ll hear why lifestyle changes are bullshit.

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9 Comments on “Catch Up”

  1. First and most importantly, I hope you, Griff_AD, continue to return to full health following what sounds like a pretty damn serious scare.

    I have now listened to all the episodes and this is the show I was hoping it would be within the overall ‘food’ arena. That is to say, interesting in an entertaining way, discussion about many things that even I as a non-hard-core food person identify with, semi-serious but not too technical ,and it doesn’t matter too much if that discussion gets a bit out of bounds from time to time. Well done.

    I was almost mad for real in the Pizza episode when you were all describing bad Pizza and Ceci’s hadn’t been mentioned well into the discussion Griff ultimately drilled a buzzer beater to set things right.

    Future episode ideas: Bad experiences (things found in your food, things that were not edible, bad service pet peeves – mine is server that won’t write down order and F’s it up, etc), Surprise food discoveries made when traveling. What relatively ‘normal’ foods you refuse to eat (ethical reasons, heath fear reasons, had one bad experience, can’t stand the texture etc).

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Setting the record straight…. BMo’s pizza crust preparation method is WAAAAAY more work than mine (which mostly involves throwing shit into a food processor for 30 seconds and then chucking it in the fridge overnight). The big thing I’m a nazi over is the cooking method… which for me means cooking it at 550 (the highest my oven will go) on a 1/4″ thick sheet of steel, which transfers heat a lot better than a stone does.

    That said, I’m all curious about this grilling method now…. Gotta give that a spin. Maybe WITH the steel…. damn.

    Also, no… I’ve never listened to the show.

    Get back to 100% soon, Griff!

  3. The well wishes are much appreciated, Slashdog.

    Cici’s had some value when I could go to a location that also served pitchers of Bud for $5 along with a $3.99 buffet. Those days seem to be gone now, at least around here.

  4. That’s a scary health scare, there. It just goes to show you that there’s nothing you can do, and we’re all doomed. Keep getting well, Griff…the show without you would just be a well-fed TAI.

    Cici’s, as I mentioned before, is a mystery.

    I always go to Cici’s when I’m starving, and it all looks and smells delicious. But it’s never good. The pizza is always terrible and it all tastes exactly the same, no matter what the topping. The desserts are the worst in the food business, even surpassing those found on a typical Chinese buffet. Even if you like salads you will ultimately be disappointed. Is this blue cheese or ranch? Is this a black olive or a jalapeno? It doesn’t matter because it all tastes the same. I always go there willingly and I’m always bitterly disappointed. DAMN YOU, CICI’S…YOU DID IT TO ME AGAIN.

  5. Also, I was in town today and I found myself starving. Just overcome with hunger, since I hadn’t eaten all day. Even after everything I just said about Cici’s in the previous comment, I went there because it was cheap….and it was worse than ever. Seriously. They’ve gone to putting their salad dressings into squirt bottles so the salad bar is just about useless now. Also, the alfredo sauce is watered all to hell. Thumbs DOWN, Cici’s. This isn’t how winners behave.

    I’m mapping out cheap dining locations in Vegas for when I get there. Here you can get a good-size all-beef hot dog and a drink for under $2 at Sam’s Club. When you think gourmet dining, you have to consider the cheap eats as well. I may have to submit my resume and a sample in hopes of becoming your cheap/bad/fast food correspondent.

  6. Griff, your health scare reinforces my decision to eat and drink whatever I want.

    This was a fun episode, your health scare not included (I mean, there’s nothing fun about that, except Brian’s insensitivity as soon as you were released from the hospital), with a lot of tangents. But I digress.

    What I want to address is the care of cast iron. No, you don’t use soap. However, you do use a stiff wire brush and hot water to clean the skillet. Dry it with a paper towel. Then, you either lightly spray it with a cooking spray or rub it lightly with vegetable oil after you dry it, and boom: One clean, still well-seasoned, skillet.

    And if you need to re-season cast iron, frying a pound or two of bacon will always do the trick.

  7. Off-Topic, but:

    If nothing else, TAI is missed. I wouldn’t expect you to revive it, or for T4A to become TAI, but when a bizarre and fucked-up event happens in Vegas, there is no where to turn.

    The guy that offed himself at the M Buffet on Easter Sunday, because he lost his free buffets for life after harassing female employees? I can’t tell you how rich that is. And certain *other* Vegas podcasts can’t and won’t allow hilariously mean comments about it on their Facebook page, much less bring it to the podcast. If TAI was still going, you could get three shows out of that shit.

    Anyway, I’ll be back in town in 10 days. I know my current/new podcast is shit, and I want to do better, maybe try a new direction with it. Anybody who wants to contribute to a podcast that dares to tell the truth about Vegas without acting like a midwest pussy, maybe they can get in touch with me. @SpiderMcGee

  8. Suicide in and/or about buffet dining is clearly within the confines of this show’s thematic. Honestly, it’s likely been considered by all of the hosts and most of the listeners.

  9. My only thought on the matter is, the M Buffet must be pretty damn good. Losing it must have been a traumatic experience. Winning a lifetime of free buffets at, say, Arizona Charlie’s, would cause me to off myself right then and there.

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