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custom-14We are back with a real show, no offence sidebar(none taken). We are talking candy and you’d then it’d be all sunshine and lollipops, buzz WRONG. We don’t talk about lollipops.

For any Sorry for your luck listeners you’ll be familiar with a segment we call your top 3, but we do it kind of different. Brian has some very hard and fast rules when it comes to candy, lets just say Tonys not a fan. We also have the regular segment from pinterest and it’s candy buffets(sounds good right).

And just who do you think has the weirdest candy scene?

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One Comment on “Candy”

  1. Great podcast!

    It’s amazing how Americans/Aussies/Brits have different names for essentially the same things. As a Brit, the word “Lolly” can only mean a solitary hard candy thing on a stick, yet here in Australia this term applies to any quantity of absolutely anything from the 3 basic sweet groups: chocolate, gummy or boiled.

    “Cherry Ripes” disguise shitty coconut as being a treat; no thanks. You rightly ignored Tony’s mention of “Jubes” — a charity-level confectionary, only fit for giving away to trick-or-treaters (which should not even be a thing on this continent).

    Even Cadbury’s recipes are also different in Australia, apparently to ensure the heat doesn’t spoil the product. Bullshit, it’s just oily and horrible, obviously cheaper to make. The longer I live here in Australia the more I think that Aussies are fucking savages. That said, American chocolate is equally terrible. No excuses, it has to be Belgian or Swiss chocolate if you have any standards — and not those shitty seashell things you can buy in supermarkets at Christmas time.

    Candy cigarettes — a very good shout — liquorice wristwatches, golf ball bubblegum, jawbreakers, white chocolate mice. That’s my memory of candy.

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