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Custom (7)Get two hands, wrap them tight around the buns and bite into this juicey addition of Table for Ate. That’s right it’s burger time and we are loading this one up with the lot, yes pineapple and all.

What are the best fast food steamed hams? Would you spend $20 on a burger? How do you cook your homemade masterpieces? And just what do you order at a burger joint when it’s not serving burgers? Side note how many types of fries is too many types of fries?

We found it on pinterest is back on track this week with a gem of a recipe. And we have the classic showdown on the Super Happy Fat Fun Quiz, to quote Brian Mollica “this is the worst quiz ever”.

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5 Comments on “Burgers”

  1. I knew Tony would mention the Burger with The Lot. Beetroot has no right to be anywhere near a burger, it just creates a pink sloppy mess.

    This week I actually tried “The Denise” burger from Huxtaburger in Melbourne. Beefy patty, sriracha mayo, jalapenos, tomato, cheese, lettuce and pickles, washed down with a Huxtabrew beer.

    http://www.huxtaburger.com.au (although I know Brian won’t bother to click it)

    It’s hard to believe that these people didn’t re-brand their restaurant following the Cosby scandal, although they did rename “The Bill” burger as “The Cliff”. But at least they don’t offer Kool Aid or Jello Pudding. Or raping.

    The best everyday burger is hands down the Double Double with onions and chili peppers from In-N-Out. First had this in Victorville CA in 2013 on my trip to Vegas, about the same time as I discovered TAI and DUD. Thanks for the many, many hours of entertainment.

  2. The best burger I’ve recently eaten is from Relish in Portland, OR ( http://relishgastropub.com/ ). You can add on pork belly (bacon), avocado, egg and or porkstrami. They season their meat with what I call ambrosia and the burger has such a great taste. I get the burger made medium and it’s still juicy. Just had one of these last Saturday and now I want another one..

  3. First, WTF – no comments on this episode from Rando yet?

    Another enjoyable episode. I look forward to hearing Steven the GN come on to discuss hot food, soap crimes and, inevitably, somehow find a way to steer a food discussion into UAB sports politics. #twitterfollower.

  4. I work at Jack in the Box, so obviously I know nothing about real hamburgers.

    What we do is terrible, and we should be shut down. I’m little more than a prostitute, and there’s no joy in what I do.

  5. Great episode, gentlemen!

    My perfect burgers? For a non-traditional one, I’ll get lamb chops, cut them off the bone and then grind the meat and then mix it with some fresh lemon juice, feta cheese crumbles, and black pepper. Then sprinkle sea salt before grilling to a medium rare. But don’t pack it too tight or else the burger is too dense.

    Serve it on a toasted brioche bun and fresh made tzatziki sauce.

    For a more traditional burger, I’ll grind sirloin and chuck together and form a loose pattie that’s about 3/4″ thick and, as Clawhand mentioned, about 1/4″ wider than the bun. Coat well with sea salt and feshly ground black pepper. Grill it to medium-rare, serve it on a toasted bun with sesame seeds and dress it with fresh tomato, bacon, dijon mustard, and an sunny-side up egg.

    BTW, what the fuck is a “day-boo”, Tony?

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