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BuffetThe united nations of restaurants(ok restaurant is a strong word) it is the hot mess that is the buffet. And let’s be honest it’s not the buffets fault, it’s ours. Roast turkey with a side of pasta, ok, hey why not add some crab legs, sure… oooo what’s that dish, we have no idea but boom, on top of the crab legs it goes.

So what is your first memory of a buffet? For the three hosts of this show it ain’t classy, but it is always filling. Let’s get to the heart of the issue today, are buffets worth there money? Is your local chinese buffet worth $12.99. Are high end Vegas buffets like the Wynn or Bacchanal buffet worth the wad of cash you have to drop to enter?

We play with the format of the super happy fat fun quiz, but out of Brian or Griff who will come out on top. And Griff will be adding our latest found it on pinterest to his craft repertoire.

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13 Comments on “Buffet”

    1. At least they are including Caesar’s Palace now. For a while they were offering 24 hour buffet passes, but taking out the only three casinos you might actually want to eat at. I would think one Flamingo buffet would be enough, what with the imminent death.

  1. During my years in Vegas, I ate at all the slummier buffets. Most heinous – Arizona Charlie’s. Also, a very weak Chinese buffet out pretty far down Boulder Hwy, near the Smith’s. For my money, Sam’s Town was the best. I never got the ritzy, more expensive buffets like the rest of you had. I was too busy eating with the real people of Vegas…the riff raff, the common people that you erudite food snobs look down upon. We of the no-bake cheesecake, the burnt meatloaf, the gummy mac and cheese. I may never make it back to Vegas, so I have to sometimes eat at a Golden Corral here, just to put myself back into that mindset. That’s how I stay grounded now.

  2. Also, your M Buffet comment brought a memory to me. Last time I was in Vegas, I visited a Cici’s Pizza. Hell, I had $6 to spend, shoot the works. Then I noticed the photos on the wall. It was *that* Cici’s, the cop murder one. The pictures were over a particular booth, but nobody was sitting at it. I figured maybe that was the murder booth, maybe it wasn’t. I didn’t want to take any chances. I ate my horrible pizza and waited for signs of ghost activity. Nothing happened, so I went home.

    Pretty anti-climactic, to be honest.

    1. They’re advertising a murder in their restaurant? I guess that’s the ghetto equivalent of hanging up photos of celebrities who have eaten there?

  3. I had to take an emergency dump halfway through my meal last time at the Bellagio buffet. I was afraid there would only be a restroom outside the buffet (“lock-and-load” rules). But there was one inside. It was horrifying at that moment, but afterwards it felt like I was getting a 2-for-1 deal.

    1. That fact alone is reason enough why the Bellagio is considered one of the best buffets in the country. In house bathroom. There’s nothing worse than having to ask the hostess where the nearest bathroom is then making an emergency sprint across the casino.

  4. Good to see a new episode. I am interested to hear the results of the Boner test if Grif decides to do the research.

    Best buffet country for me is Brazil. Having spent about 3 months there just before 2000, I was not surprised to see the meat based buffets (it may be stretching the definition of buffet since the meats are offered table side) such as Texas de Brasil and Fogo de Chao infiltrate the US over the past 15 years. They also had many ‘Kilogramas’ – buffets where you pay by weight – which produced endless discussion on strategy. The breakfast buffet in our hotel was also great with unbelievable fruit choices, many of which I have never seen again.

    Most memorable single item – Lobster chunk dumplings available at breakfast (yes breakfast) buffet at the Hilton Singapore. A single green pea where the dumpling was pinched together. I must have ate 100 in one week.

    Looking forward to leftovers

    1. Huge fail on my part not bringing up the Brazilian steak house style of buffet. Amateur hour… I’ll definitely discuss for a bit on the next episode. Thanks Slash!

    1. Thank you M.S. Haitian. As a longtime listener and board lurker from TAI, I knew how to wade into the pool.

  5. Two comments, plus a question:

    The KFC buffets are still all the rage in the Midwest and Southeast. They always have three kinds of chicken: Original, Crispy and Baked. The sides are regional. In the Midwest, they usually also have chicken livers and gizzards, the mashed potatoes, two kinds of gravy, biscuits, the slaw, green beans, corn and stuffing. In the Southeast, fried okra and collard greens are usually an offering.

    You can’t have a discussion of buffets and not discuss the Golden Corral, or its twisted ad campaign featuring Jeff Foxworthy: http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/jeff-foxworthy-says-you-have-right-eat-breakfast-dinner-165267

    And finally, how is it that you still haven’t had the resident Southern fat man on as a guest?

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