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The extra b stands for byobb)

They say bbq is a true American delicacy, but is it? Didn’t cave men smoke meat? Today we discuss caveman cuisine. What’s the real difference between different regions of bbq And why do they all hate each other. Plus the world’s shortest and least informative segment, “sides and sauce.” You put chicken on my plate I’ll burn this mother fucker down.

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6 Comments on “Bbbq.”

  1. Hello,
    I have been living in Kansas City for over 20 years. I agree that Oklahoma Joe’s is the best. It is now called Joes KC. Gates does the, “Hi may I help you” line. Their best item is the burnt end sandwich. I also like their fries. Some of the lesser known joints that we really like is LC’s, BB’s Lawnside, and Plowboys. There is a unusual place called Q39. They are the hipster joint but we really like it. Finally the last recommendation is Jack Stacks Barbecue. We like the location at the freight house by Union Station. A good test for any good Kansas City barbecue are their burnt ends. If they are tough, cold or just plain shitty, then it’s a no go. Here is an article about Joes KC.

    1. Been to Jack Stack – a friend of mine got the beef crown rib on the silver platter. It was, admittedly, pretty outstanding if seeming unnecessarily opulent for a BBQ restaurant.

  2. It took me a while to listen to this episode because I wasn’t invited as the expert guest. As the only member of this audience who has both (1) won a barbecue competition and (2) been certified as a judge by the Kansas City Barbecue Society, this should would have benefit from my input. Plus, I love to talk about meat.

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