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Custom (12)Happy 4th of July y’all. There is nothing more american than apple pie and baseball. Seeing we are a food show you’d think we’d be talking about apple pies, nope we’re talking baseball or more correctly stadium food.

What are the classics in your location? Are there any regional favorites? Or are you stuck with nachos, fries and kranskys? A what?

I’ve added the pinterest item to the photo on the website, please let us know what you think.

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8 Comments on “Ballpark Food”

  1. I’m a huge Orioles fan since growing up in the area and go to Camden Yards a few times a year. You should’ve had the Crab Pretzel as that is my favorite. It is a soft pretzel with Crab dip poured on top.

    Regarding tailgating I used to be the same as I didn’t understand the big deal. Since moving to the South and attending a few SEC games I look at in a whole different light. I live about 45 minutes from Ole Miss and to me they do it the best. They have an area called the Grove and instead of big RV’s you have an area with hundreds of tents. People pay students for the year for them to get out there first thing in the morning to get their tents set up and get their spot. People take it really far and some tents look like peoples living/dinning rooms with chandeliers and big flat screens hooked up to satellite dishes Most have food catered and plenty of drinks. It’s a much more social event and many don’t go to the game as was said on the podcast. Of course here it is fine as many women dress up like they are going out for the night so it is more of a big party.

  2. Can confirm: people in Baltimore put Old Bay on *everything*. There are shakers of it available in pretty much every Subway.

    At the minor league stadium in Frederick, MD they once had Bryan Voltaggio cater the entire game.

  3. Wow..way too many O’s fans around here…. I agree. it’s a great city for crab cakes and soft-shelled crab anywhere BUT the stadium. My personal favorite place to eat at Camden Yards is Boog’s BBQ under the tent out behind the center field bleachers…

    Of course now that I’m in southern California – we have a Wine Bar and a Jack Daniels bar at the Ducks games – the best part is the outside deck with fire pits, large screen t.v.’s and a really good tapas bar- I never have to even go into the game.

  4. Who do I need to bribe to get an episode about Griff’s cat. That muh’fukker has things to say.

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