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What do you think of when you hear the term “Australian Food?” If you’re like most Americans you envision a kangaroo eating an awesome blossom. Turns out there’s more to it than. From meat pies and sausage rolls to Tim Tams and pavlova we head down under for a look at Australian eats. Here’s a pro tip, don’t slather a saltine worry Vegemite…

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11 Comments on “Aussie Food”

  1. Good summary of Aussie food, with a few of omissions (which might’ve been mentioned in other shows): Fairy Bread. Parmas, Beetroot on everything. Kanga Bangas — guess what they are!

    I agree that the Meat Pie is a national treasure. But only the ones crafted by an independent baker using fresh ingredients, not the supermarket style efforts (usually mass produced in that huge factory not too far from where Tony lives). Being a Brit, I just can’t bring myself to put ketchup on pies.

    Arnott’s Shapes are also delicious. But only the “original” barbecue flavour, not the fancy new and improved variety. I’m also partial to the chemical goodness of Toobs or Samboy “Atomic Tomato” potato chips.

    But I just can’t get onboard the vegemite train. No matter how thinly spread, it still tastes like the devil’s ball sack. And, just like the “cheeseburger” pickle juice shots, at the end of the day it’s just a waste by-product that they’ve somehow managed to sell to the gullible. They can’t fool me.

    1. Tony here, there was a lot of stuff I didn’t get to cover, mainly because of time, but how the fuck did I leave out toobs. And there is no other type of shape other than the originals(it’s on a similar scale to new coke).

      Now meat pies… you are a man after my own heart, no sauce ever. And you are right industrial meat pies are shithouse(paties/four and twenty no expectation). My to favourites are Maffra pies(that’s what I grow up eating) and any pie from Bushies Bakery in Glengarry.

      1. I’ll have to try a Maffra pie, Tony. I’m actually planning to go camping at Blue Pool in the Briagolong State Forest (just me and the dog) next Friday+Saturday, so will try to pick one up on the way through. If you’re not doing anything, I’d be happy to meet up for a beer or two somewhere? Drop me a line.

  2. That was a fun episode for me (an Aussie), T was correct on the top 3….I think…Vegemite..if you’re mum didn’t feed it you when you were young (me), you can never like it (I know many who have tried but no winners).
    I grew up in a family that ate meat & 3 vege every day, it was only moving from the bush that I tried the variety available around the world. Phew!
    Wow doesn’t every country eat 3 meals a day? (If you can)
    Griff is that right?
    Loved the adds! Ahh memories

    1. We do meat and three veg in America, but the three veg are mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, and a second meat.

  3. Funny you mentioned police having to direct traffic for the new Chick-Fil-A. There was a story this week about people going crazy over the first Popeye’s Chicken in Durham, NC and them having to bring police in to direct traffic.

  4. Hey Brahs.
    Thanks for the advice. I ended up getting some “globals” from williams sonoma. I got a 8′ chefs (that baby really sings on the cutting board) a pairing knife, a peeler and a sweet scissor. Big difference over the donk dick knifes I’ve had in the past.

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